rash promises


Do not make rash promises

Do not make rash promises
Commitment , probably based on his determination to each other as an expression of relief now ! The ancients said: " stands by its word , line must be fruit ." If a man quick to Paizhuoxiongtang commitment , but often some impassioned after they have gone below , not to mention what actions and the results. Such people , who would believe himpolo shirts on sale?
Some people , say ten thousand , people will not believe him ; while others , saying only that one , people will believe it. Why ? Because the former is a person acting in bad faith , the latter who practice what they preach . If a person quick to undertaking a thing but do not have cash , then this of course is not the prestige . Light Snow too much means nothing , those who promise too easily , often little disloyal person. He is neither responsible for their words and deeds , but also about what is responsible for others ? He did not know what commitment means , what is the significance of his promises ?
Image of a man is his long-term result of the formation of dealing with people . A man of honor , is not easily human commitment . He must be absolutely certain circumstances to commit , but once committed , will certainly be honored. Such people , he may promise much, but he has promised Individually each result , such a person , who does not trust himfinancial?
I hate people who do not disloyal , but he always continued commitment to constantly tear commitments. His commitment is actually called self-deception , he always thought of others is a fool , in fact, but it is a very clever liar. When a person a liar when a long time, often becomes a fool . Deceived people tend to " live and learn a lesson ," and deceitful man , is undoubtedly deceiving results deceive himself into it.
Bird feathers unfortunately , people love fame . Free to trample on their promise people will never care about their image in the minds of others . If the image is not good , but where's the weight ?
Do not make people promise , especially for children. Child 's mind is pure, they do not know this world is full of deception. Those who promised to do for children , but also to go to achieve , otherwise , their young hearts will cast shadows deceive . This shadow will be accompanied by their lives .
Word, Sima difficult to recover . Promised things of others , we must strive to go and its implementation , otherwise we do not make rash promises . Those who can not grasp things , or do not promise well, as both tired and harm to the people themselvesdvd storage , but also the final innocuous .
Promise them one thing , the daughter of Mo shift. Promised to give someone something , even how precious , how sad, should count. Gold, is to fight with wisdom and efforts , but also can be together more , and still be able to rely on good faith to win , and a person's prestige , but it is his set up little by little .
Not all people do not like to commit honest , but he is perhaps overestimate their own , perhaps underestimating the complexity of the matter , so that in practice is particularly arduous. For a man of honor , he will live a very busy, very tired . Some people , mouth soft heart and soft, no matter who is looking for his help, always responsive, but do not have the ability fairy , fairy waved his stick can put those things well , had to run around constantly with flesh and blood , and today endless , they pressed until tomorrow , tomorrow, endless , continue to do the day after tomorrow . In this way, day after day, it never finished the day. Who promised to do, will become a debt . Debt owed money , you may be at the door with paint write " eye for an eye " the words, but the human bonds , debt matters , debt situation is not sprayed on the walls , but spray in your heart, that thine the bones . As long as one day does not yet , there is not a day comfortable.
No promises , ten thousand promises not worth a real action . The ancients said: " Thousands of ee , as a scholar in Nono ." Do not make rash promises , who promised , and must be done . If you do not, you would not make rash promises ?

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